A full-length high definition movie on the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. King James Version scripture quoted throughout... A great study tool! Put together from clips made available for public use. Enjoy!
***Credit and Disclaimer: I would like to first give thanks to God for His Word and His truth, and His salvation that’s made available to each one of us through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. I would also like to give thanks to the Lord for all who were involved in the production of the wonderful videos which were used to make this movie, made available for public use at www.biblevideos.org.
“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” has produced some outstanding videos which are Biblically and doctrinally sound in what they put across, but please be aware of the overall doctrine of the Mormon church which is steeped in falsehood, and will cause many to be eternally separated from God if they do not change course. Please pray for Mormons everywhere that they would turn from the false teaching of Joseph Smith, and come to know the true Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Please visit the link below to understand some of the differences between Mormonism and true Christianity. God bless you.